Project Description

Bonser Lane Business Centre


Laurieton NSW, Australia

System Size:


Solar Components:

3 x 10kw systems consisting of 56 x 170w Soanar monocrystalline solar modules, 2 x 5kW Xantrex grid-connect inverters; 1 x 10kw system consisting of 60 x Trina 180W monocrystalline solar modules, 1 x SMA STP10000TL grid-connect inverter

Installation Date:

30kW in 2010, 10kW in 2013

Annual Output:


Client Feedback

Thank you for another soundly completed solar job.

Always at the leading edge of technology.
Always at a competitive price.
Always with reliable after sales service.

Dave Allan, Mount View Medical Centre // Still Waters Avocado Farm